For Children : Three Stories from Nature

BlurbI have two sons and a daughter, when they were very young, they came to me one evening and said they would like a bedtime story. As they were putting on their jammies, getting ready for bed, I was thinking of something to relate as a story. When we settled down, I told them a story. It seemed to satisfy. And so off to bed they went. An evening or two went by, and again they told me they would like another story. I had had time to think of one and had it ready. A third evening came along wanting a third story, and it was given. After that they would come and ask for one of the three stories to be repeated.My children are grown now. Two of the three are married and starting families of their own. When the first couple was expecting their first child, my son who is not married asked me if I could write down the bedtime stories, they were told into bedtime stories that could be read to children and grandchildren. And so, a homemade book was put together, and one thing led to another, leading up to For Children: Three Stories from Nature.

--Joseph Clay Holmes

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