Flowers, Fauna, and Memories

The title Flowers, Fauna, and Memories was penned by Tom Wester before one word of the story was written. The photographs are the flowers and fauna that inspired Tom. As he studied the photographs, Tom added the memories to the photos in story form. Therefore, the title Flowers, Fauna, and Memories.

The book celebrates the seasons of life. The lives of three members of a family whose love for one another is nurtured and then cast away after a foolish mistake is made. It speaks to the ability to regain that love and respect and how that alone can take decades to accomplish.

The book is narrated by the family using photographs to help clarify the feelings that are ever present in their lives. Tom and Liz use Liz's photos to express various emotions, which create this story of love and of finding out who we really are, of learning that there really is a God, and finally understanding how God is manifested in the world in which we live.

The photos are as important as the verbiage in this story, and it is told from the perspective of how we really speak and not how sentences are to be structured. Acceptance, faith, understanding, and most importantly love is shown how we can see with our eyes that which God wants us to see. How beauty is something inherent in all beings and how we are at times too foolish to realize that. So go and take a look into our lives and see if you cannot find yours from within.

--Tom Wester and Linda M. Kilty

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