Finding April

Back Cover SummaryImagine life in a small Alabama town as a little redheaded girl growing up in a family of six where physical and mental abuse from your father is considered normal for you, your younger siblings, and your mother. You try to live up to your father's ever-changing standards to reduce the amount of abuse you receive, but despite your efforts you were deemed a disappointment from birth. This is the story of April McKnight.April is determined to become something more than the limits that her father had set for her future. She is intent on going to college and having a career for herself. All the while April desires happiness in her life that she can't seem to find. Remembering the Christian teaching from her youth, April prays for God to send someone to love her, but when it doesn't happen the way April thinks it should, she becomes filled with bitterness.In the mist of her misery, April discovers the handsome Lucian Yeung. Their overwhelming attraction blossoms into a sinful passion, but is this God's plan for April? Will April find redemption, happiness, and love? Or will she spend the rest of her years finding April?

--Martha Young

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