Finally Home: One Man's Legacy to Generations

You have probably thought that having all the required standard legal and medical documents in place before the death of a parent would ensure their peaceful transition. On the surface, that may be true; however, transitioning from death to eternal life is a complex process as it involves every aspect of one's being. Customarily, we plan to transition property and responsibility, but there is so much more.While seated for days at my father's bedside, the Holy Spirit imparted insights and concepts that helped me to look deeper into the life and essence of my father. I realized and reflected upon his traits in my life. I saw him reflected in my siblings and his namesake. I appreciated more fully the impact of his passing and the significant vacancy it would create in our family. Suddenly, the torch was being passed, and the time to prepare to embrace it had passed.This is a celebratory work. It is intended to encourage and support those embarking on the same, inevitable journey. It is intended to provoke one to reflect upon what has gone before and to be fearlessly intimate with what is taking place, as your loved one is Finally Home.

--Vikki Valente

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