Fighting in God’s Living Room: Warfare in Elysium Highway to Christ

This book is the maiden book in the mini-book series entitled ‘Highway to Christ' appertaining to the Kingdom of Almighty God, his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Specifically, this book is about the Origin of All Warfare, both in heaven and on earth. Essentially, the narrative within this book details the diabolical, deceptive, deadly, corrosive, and corrupting influence by Lucifer upon holy angels morphing them into demons. Lucifer through deceit, lying and conspiratorial coup d'état caused angelic usurpation against their Divine Creator. The culmination of these reprehensible actions resulted in warfare throughout all realms of God's holy creation including in heaven and on earth. Furthermore, readers will be able to understand from a biblical perspective the unimaginable sinister motives and tragic, eternal consequences for angelic rebellion i.e. why, how, when, who, where, and reasons Satan instigated demonic rebellion inside God's Living Room. Also, this book will show or provide spiritual insight to all readers God's road map for quelling spiritual rebellion and mystical as well as terrestrial warfare throughout heavenly and earthly hemispheres once and for all from a biblical perspective. Summarily, it will display the divine providence of a Loving God's provisional ‘open invitation' to all who will accept his love, mercy, and grace to live eternally in peace and harmony via salvation in his Only Begotten Son, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, inside God's Living Room.

--Larry K. Thompson

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