Fading Scars

Have you previously or are you currently going through something traumatic? Do you have a friend who is going through a traumatic event? “Fading Scars” was written to help you or someone you care about cope with what has happened.

This book also provides your support system with suggestions on how to help you heal from whatever you are going through. Through reading this book, you will understand what a “tribe” is and what “prayer warriors” are. You will learn how to let these encouraging people into your life. Furthermore, you will discover whether you are part of a tribe or if you are a prayer warrior.

This book presents real life experiences and discusses how a traumatic event can make people react in different ways. It is a reminder that God is always with you, even though you might feel abandoned or forgotten.

Through reading this book, you will feel inspired and realize who is in your tribe and who your prayer warriors are. It is the author's prayer that this book gives you strength to endure whatever it is you are going through.

--Tamara Woodring

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