Exciting Journey with the Holy Spirit

I believe, as you read this book, you will feel the presence of God's love and the power of the Holy Spirit in a way you never felt before.

These experiences that I had come directly from God. I believe, as you read this book, it will be exciting and energizing to your spirit like it happened to me. A lot of these manifestations took place when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When that happened to me, I also received healing with it and the gift of tongues. You will be reading about this in my book. I believe God allowed me to have all these experiences so I could be a better witness for him and also for me to share these experiences with other people. What God did for me will be a faith builder for a lot of people as they read this book. I also believe this book will bring people a lot closer to God, and I hope and pray that anyone who has not received Jesus as Lord and Savior in their lives will meet him at the cross.

I do want to say that the cross is number one. Nothing overrules the cross. Jesus paid a big price for our sins; nothing overrules that. I do want to say that what happened to me, I give God all the praises and glory. I would not have the ability to write this book if these experiences had not happened to me. I had thought about not writing this book because I had some things to happen to me. I had prayed to God, asking him if I should continue on. I had another manifestation of the Holy Spirit appear to me within the next hour or so of that, and I knew then that God wanted me to continue on with this book. You will find out more about this as you read the book. All the proceeds that are made from this book will go to a Christian organization. I will not accept any money after what God has done for me. I give him all the praises and glory for what he did for me. Get ready to go on an exciting journey with the Holy Spirit as you read this book.

--Leon Elliott

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