Eternity Delayed

Seth is a guardian angel. Join him as he tells about some of the people he has watched over from the Tower of Babel to the present day, people he called ┬ČThe Passionates.

Johnson was born a slave and died a slave. During his whole lifetime, the one driving passion he had was to live free in Africa as did his father before he was captured and sold into slavery.

Katie was born in a time when life was hard for women and even harder when one had no mother to help her learn how to survive as a woman. All she wanted throughout her life was to sit with her mom and talk woman to woman.

Robert believed he was born out of time and wanted nothing more than to help fight for the freedom of the homeland of his ancestors alongside Robert the Bruce and William Wallace to free Scotland.

Inu was born into a world where everyone was together after the flood. When the nations were scattered after the Babel incident, he vowed to spend the rest of his life seeking out his lost friends and family and did so until the end.

It has been rightly said that all men die but not all men truly live. As you follow the lives of the people in this book who only lived in the imagination of one person, it is my hope that you will not only find a true passion, but that passion will change your humdrum existence into a life well lived.

Allow your imagination to be free and follow Seth as he recounts the stories of lives well lived. Remember do not make any theological conclusions from this or any other work of fiction. This is not intended to be a children's book but is written so a child can follow along. C.S. Lewis said that if a children's story is not worth reading as an adult it is probably not fit for children either.

--Walter L. Campbell

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