Dream Walker

Life throws us curveballs. Some are solid and direct, flying through the air at one hundred miles per second. Others come at a more predictable rate and are easily catchable. But some people have curveballs that spew flames, shoot bullets, and explode upon impact. Welcome to my life.

Paige Carson is no stranger to violence and fear. Two years ago, she helped solve a part of the unbelievable mystery that had become her life, but at great cost to her and those she loves. Now, having crossed the threshold of adulthood, Paige has moved forward with her life, desperately trying to put her horrendous past behind her. With her mortal enemies sitting in prison, she is eager to attend college and work toward a degree where she can help others. Love has also woven its way through and around her heart, leaving her hopeful that a permanent future with Clay will one day be visible on the horizon.

However, life will often dredge up the past, forcing one to relive moments of despair, trauma, and nightmare. As Paige seeks to create the life she has always wanted, unforeseen circumstances will throw yet another wrench in her dreams, reminding her that danger is never far away.

--Mary Mauck

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