Diamonds on the Water

After her husband died, Jesse left their home to move in with her single younger brother who lived at an East Texas ranch. She never thought her life would change so drastically as she faced her senior years. Could she adapt to this change in her life? Her sister's daughter was sent along with her, trying to get over a dramatic event in her young life. Could Jesse help this child? Her sister is counting on her.She could not have visualized being involved with her brother's neighbor who had lost a wife to murder just two years prior. Did he do the crime? Would Jesse's life be in danger too? Why was this man showing her so much attention, and who was this strange, beautiful girl living on his ranch? And why was Jesse so pulled toward his beautiful golden horse?When it turns out her brother was involved in a secret agency and would disappear in a foreign country, she must face the possibility of losing yet another person she loved. Would her faith in God be tested? How much did her brother's house manager know?On top of this, she has to handle the attention from the ranch manager, a widower appointed to look after her and her niece. What did he know about her brother that she didn't? Why wouldn't anyone tell her the truth? Could this petite, sassy lady find the answers she needed and the faith to hold her up under the circumstances?

--Jo Ann Surrey

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