Darkness Bravo: A Soldier Remembers

This is a story of how one young soldier recalls the events of war. He remembers the men he served with who had such a great impact on his life during and after war. His love and respect for the leaders who became his mentors and role models, SSG Ben Garza and 1SG Bill Perry, are evident in his story. These are the people he regards as “true heroes.” He recalls the sheer terror, pain, grief, and physical hardships that come with combat in a foreign country. This is a story of duty, honor, country, patriotism, love of one's fellow man, and camaraderie. It demonstrates how a soldier fights for his country but more so how he fights for the lives of the men he serves beside. Darkness Bravo: A Soldier Remembers follows the events of the First Infantry Division (the Big Red One) during the author's two tours in Vietnam 1966–1967 and 1968–1969. Battles he participated in and remembers include Operation El Paso, Operation Attleboro, Operation Charleston, Operation Cedar Falls, Operation Junction City, and Operation Manhattan.

--Edward R. Fedrick

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