Creature III

The adventure continues as Beth, Mike, Cameron, and Caroline embark on a trip to visit Beth's mother at her beach house in California. During their stay, the whole family enjoys some fun at the beach, and Cameron meets a fascinating sea creature who also has a dual nature. He doesn't fully realize it at the time, but he will play a critical role in helping this creature just by filling out his own destiny back at home. This tale spins a web of connections that start when Dr. Mike finds an old file on a shape-shifting creature that he treated at the clinic long ago. This discovery leads him to look up the individual that brought the creature in. When he pays him a visit other clues come to the surface including a mysterious map that leads to a crystal cave, and a cryptic poem that speaks of a prophecy. The prophecy declares that the arrival of a king at a place of destiny will awaken and summon the thunder cats.

While Mike and his family are puzzling over these mysteries, back at the reservation, their revered Native American guide, Sleeping Bear, joins his son in searching for the remaining stones that are marked with the thunder cat symbol. When Cameron and his family return to the mountain for their summer vacation he finds that Little Bear and his father have selected him for a unique and exciting task, and he begins his training right away. Cameron's training is challenging, and maybe a bit dangerous, but ultimately it leads him to his place of destiny. Will he awaken the thunder cats? Will this result in self-discovery, or will he learn to trust in someone greater than himself? Read and find out.

--Joan Bush

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