CONVICTION; Live Your Best Life with Purpose

We all have had times in our life when we have been faced with adversity or questions about the direction of our life. We tend to slip back into whatever predicable patterns of comfort we have become accustomed to. Yet for many of us, the desire still burns and will not stop tugging at us. Why won't it let go? Why does it keep calling us?

Conviction uses the biblical story of Gideon as a backdrop to discuss the cycles in life we all face and how to fearlessly attack them with courage, discipline, and action. Conviction is an easy read that can be referenced many times over for a personal challenge and inspiration. In this book, you will be challenged to

• identify the cycles that hold you back,

• respond courageously to God's calling on your life,

• overcome the inevitable doubts that creep in,

• apply action steps to achieve victory, and

• keep momentum to sustain a successful edge.

By taking modern applications from this truly relevant biblical story, Joshua exposes how we can all respond to God's deepest calling in our life with conviction. “As is the man, so is his strength”—your strength comes from what you believe. In life, there are those who live with this conviction or those who become subject to the ideas and influence of others. Will you respond to the deepest calling on your life?

--Joshua Ladd

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