Conversations with My Father: As I Walked Through the Valley

It is amazing how my Father God, awakens me into consciousness with a flood of carefully placed words that causes me to almost leap out of bed, anxious to put pen to paper until the last period. Sometimes the writings were prayers, letters of encouragement, or instructions. I have come to personally understand and experience that which was expressed by Paul to Timothy, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God" (2 Timothy 3:16a). The Greek word for inspiration, peno, means to breathe. God breathed this work into my spirit of which I can take no credit, with the exception of putting pen to paper. He will converse with us if we allow Him and/or expect Him to. After all, He is our Father who wants nothing more than to provide for us, protect us, and to grow us into knowing Him better and more intimately.

--Earthia Jenkins

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