Come to Poppa

When Jeanette Bleakley accepts an invitation to join an all-male Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech in 1973, she doesn't realize that her career in Air Force Intelligence will lead to a real-world operation called Guardian Angel that rescues dozens of girls kidnapped from Central America who are turned into sex slaves across the US. Follow Jeanette's adventures as she survives the challenges of a military rat system, a survival school with its own POW camp, and a real-world deployment as the Joint Task Force executes its mission with the code words “Come to Poppa.” During this adventure of historical fiction, Jeanette has her own faith adventure as she grows spiritually and meets the recently beatified Fr. Stanley Rother, a martyr for his faith. Readers who wish to get involved in fighting human trafficking will join forces with the book's extensive nonprofit resource list to fight this terrible crime.

--Janet James

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