Christ Over Virus, Iniquities and Death

The author gives a wealth of ideas from the Holy Bible about the unrighteousness of the present world culture, the nations, and leaders. A clear biblical understanding of modern culture deviated from God is explained in all its wearying consequences and signs of end-time. The book describes the following:

* Details the biology, replication, pathology, and source of origin of coronavirus.

* Explains in prophetic voice God's warning to nations to rule in righteousness.

* Nations must govern in righteousness and provide liberty and justice for all.

* COVID-19 is a wake-up call to nations to seek the LORD GOD and obey Him.

* COVID-19 most likely is a sign of the end-times as prophesied in the Bible.

* COVID-19 is a plumb line of God to measure the verticality of faith of nations in Christ.

* The Balm of Gilead is the effective medicine for nations without Christ and politics without God.

* Heaven and hell are real, and the author has explained the site of lake of fire for the ungodly.

* Christ shall win over virus, iniquities, and death and give eternal life to any who believes.

--Plammoottil V. Cherian M.Div., PhD

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