Cassandra the Adventurous Mouse

Cassandra was a shy and bored little mouse who longed to travel and see the world, wondering what it was like. In her journey, she experiences what it is like to venture outside her house. She feels the sensation of the wind blowing on her face, hears the leaves rustling in that same wind, and hears the sounds she only heard from inside the house. With every new experience each day, she writes an account of her travels and how she felt as she went on her exciting journey. From her beginning day in the snow and ice to hopping a ride on a toad going lickety-split, while experiencing a coastal sandy beach with its booming tall waves and the sounds of seagulls squawking as they fly over her head. It was quite the adventure to listen to giggling children as they rushed to their first day back at school with the bell ringing, hurrying them along inside and then turn around and feel the falling leaves of trees lowering themselves to the ever-increasing chilling ground. Your children can experience this same amazing journey as you sit with them, reading and turning each page to their delight as you describe Cassandra's adventurous travels to them!

--Sheryl White

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