Casablanca: Declassified

Casablanca in the 1950s was a hotbed of secrets and intelligence gathering between the old world and the new. The hot war for the independence of Morocco and the Cold War between the United States and Russia were simultaneously being fought. The French were battling the Moroccan United Liberation Front, who sought independence from France. The United States had a nuclear-weapons presence in Morocco as a deterrent to the Soviet Union's aspirations during the Cold War.

Set in the hypnotic vistas of North Africa and Europe, Casablanca: Declassified puts a human face on this confluence of powers and cultures, as it follows the exploits of individual American (CIA), French, Moroccan, and Soviet intelligence personnel (KGB), each jostling to get the upper hand in the high-stake games of diplomacy, international intrigue, suspense, spying, and romance. While two American airmen maintain complex nuclear weapons just below the surface, a Soviet spy network devises an ingenious way to infiltrate their base and gather intelligence on American nuclear capabilities. Meanwhile, the French attaché knows his nation's imperial days in Morocco are numbered, but along with his American CIA friend continues to use their charm in pursuit of an American jazz singer.

Smoked-filled nightclubs, colorful Berber tribesman riding camels in the desert, unspoiled Casablanca beaches, postwar Italy and Germany, bar brawls in Gibraltar, Spanish bullfights, and airplane dogfights in the skies are just some of the dynamic landscapes of Casablanca: Declassified. Together, they offer a rare glimpse into the special and secret character of time and place that has been all but forgotten, yet whose legacy continues to reverberate to this day.

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“An easy, enjoyable read which proves that times have not changed too much in the world of national conflicts and spying.” —Emilia McCusker, Former Air Force Intelligence

--Dr. Glenn M. Cosh

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