Cage The Hummingbird

Kat trembled in fear; her heart racing as she looked around the windowless room. She sat against the headboard of the bed, staring at the scarring and damage of the wood of the four bedposts, indicating that women before her had been shackled against their will. She glanced fearfully at the guard who sat across the room from her, watching her without sympathy.

How could her life have changed in a flash of a few seconds? Just a year before she had joined her family on the island, which had seemed to promise peace and tranquility. It had been anything but for her, as she battled her mother's intolerance and abuse of her, and what seemed like constant scheming against her by her arch enemy she'd known since childhood. And now, just as life was beginning to fulfill the promise of peace, she was facing terror instead.

Kat heard the door to her room open, and her eyes widened as he walked in, smiling and greeting her with those black, soulless eyes that were devoid of humanity. Kito came to her mind instantly. She knew now why she was there. Revenge on Kito Robinson. As Kito's enemy drew near to her, Kat wondered if she had any hope at all. Would Kito be able to use his vast resources to find her on time? Or was she doomed as the other missing islanders had been?

Cage the Hummingbird tells the story of Kat Jordan, a quirky, impulsive, art prodigy, brain injury survivor who limps her way into the life of Kito Robinson. Kito's atheistic world will be rocked by Kat's outlandish humor, antics, and devotion to her faith. It is a tale of overcoming obstacles of cultural differences, beliefs, and severe suffering and trauma through the incredible power of having a relationship and identity in Jesus Christ.

--Angela Stanfield

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