Buckle up Buttercup and Breathe

You will have many times in your life when you need to hang on, but occasionally you will need to buckle up and strap in for the ride. That is no lie. This is the story of my life as a normal (okay, semi-normal) working mom raising a family and then bam! I was hit with major health issues-major as in the Mayo Clinic kind of things. This is the account and play-by-play (I was a coach) of how life can become seriously something you never envisioned and how things happen that you would not wish on your worst enemy. How I was able to do things that I never figured I would have the courage and strength to get through. How God equipped me to face these trials by keeping my head up and walking the walk.

You will be able to see the change from a fairly strong woman to someone who now feels she can face anything head-on and not feel the need to drive herself off a cliff. There have been life-changing tests that seemed terrible and overwhelming, but they were things that I now see needed to happen. I saw firsthand that there are angels on earth. We are given people to help us share our journeys with, make each other better. Life is more fun together, and that is how we can live a great story. But most importantly, breathe.

--Cindy Johnson

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