Michael woke up from a dream, a dream that would turn his life around. Suddenly, he would go from being a millionaire bachelor surrounded by women and riches to being surrounded by death and the dying. What or who led him to this overpowering life-changing journey? Why does Michael dream of men and women he must find, only to watch them die? Michael spends his days and nights caring for the terminally ill he is guided to.

Laura, a vicious, self-serving journalist, on the other hand, will do anything in her power to uncover his secret, his journey, and his connection to the dying. Specifically, Michael's latest “project,” Jonathan, a sweet six-year-old terminally ill boy.

Will Laura stop Michael's ultimate quest for breathless moments? Will she keep him from providing happiness with every detail, every moment, and every step? If she gets her way, Michael may never help another dying person again.

Follow Michael's enigmatic life-changing journey as he battles with Laura and cares for Jonathan. Who will survive the journey in the end? Who will ultimately learn the lesson? And who was the one person that led Michael on this journey to begin with? The outcome will leave you Breathless.

--Bertha Gonzalez-Morrow

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