Biblical Parallels: Your Life Featured In The Word Of God

Have you ever read a biblical story, account, or parable and determined you could personally relate to the subject matter? If so, you may have smiled, felt warm and fuzzy, or leaped for joy! In any case, you were probably inspired to read more and search the Scriptures for a deeper understanding or means of gaining greater wisdom.

Biblical Parallels are a compilation of examples of life's stories as they relate to the Word of God. Although there may be hundreds of parallels from which to choose, this book contains one parallel from each of the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible. Of those, there may be millions of inferences that may be drawn when you consider the number of believers in the world and how their personal experiences might correlate with each parallel. In Biblical Parallels, references were made regarding the names of each biblical book, scriptural text, and subject matter. For the purpose of uniformity, each parallel contains approximately six hundred words. Finally, the parallels were customized to closely resemble the names and personality traits of the characters that are represented in the Scriptures. Read the Biblical Parallels with amazement as the scriptures come alive. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, your life is featured in the Word of God!

--Darrell Hutchinson

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