Beyond Destiny: Tranquil Flow

Destiny is a choice for some, a beginning to reach an end. Yet some may not always see it coming but can feel it. This is more than a role to play, but it is freedom to embrace or see the truth and be free from a set path. Within and around life, a spiritual flow exists that springs forth from deep within. Far into the heavens, a world far away is home to a people who shine with this power and the world around them. Yet with this beautiful gift from the Holy One Himself, sin and darkness leaks into the world in ferocious forms the people must combat as a part of their lives. Two souls who live upon this world will grow as flowers, reaching higher and higher—the spiritual sword to slash through darkness and the shield to defend others as well as those they love through pure faith. Together, and with those they love and trust, they will go further than even they know, past the limits of a path destined for them. They will go beyond destiny itself while spiritually awakening more of their inner selves, their tranquil flow.

--Ryan Sharpe

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