Bercharmis: An Unexpected Fairy's Tale

Seeking shelter from a sudden storm, twin fairy sisters Alfie and Iseachie are forced to spend the night in an unknown cave. The next morning brings a slight fog and the realization that they are not alone! Suddenly they are face to face with a gigantic creature.

With the discovery that this extraordinary creature is only a baby (dragon), the sisters make a spur-of-the-moment decision that takes them on an incredible journey to reunite their new friend with his momma who has been captured by the captain of a pirate ship.

The tiny sisters grow new friendships and overcome unknown enemies, all while battling impossible odds to survive outside the boundaries of the only world they have ever known.

Bercharmis: An Unexpected Fairy's Tale is a delightful story about expanding your horizons, conquering your fears, and discovering your inner magic!

--Jimmy W. Bishop

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