Bear Attacks, Dog Teams and a Sinking Boat: And other Life Lessons

Life is full of experiences. These experiences can be useful windows in teaching us spiritual truths. Jesus taught this way. Often, He used physical examples to illustrate spiritual truths. These short devotionals use life experiences not only to connect the physical to the spiritual but to encourage the reader to finish the climb, the spiritual life journey that all Christians are on. It's similar to climbing a mountain. The goal is the summit. It's similar to a race on a track. The goal is to finish. There is a lot involved, a lot that happens between the start and the finish. This book includes the principles and methods learned in my journey. It includes problems to be aware of and common mistakes to avoid along the way. There are also certain methods that will be helpful for life. These are the result of 40 years of missionary and pastoral service. We are all on a journey. The journey has its ups and downs but there is a start and there is a finish. We want to finish well.

My own life adventures and experiences have become illustrations with a message. A message that seeks to point us upwards and onwards in the life journey we are on. These 33 stories are wisdom lessons learned during my life of adventures from climbing, canoeing, guiding in Alaska, living in a remote village in Nepal, basically from 40 years of ministry. They are designed so readers can understand spiritual principles. The lessons are a great tool for group discussion or for the person who is busy and enjoys a short daily challenge using real experiences as a window into spiritual principles.

--Mike Sloan

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