Auto Repair without a Wrench

Good news! This book is your first step toward your independence from fear and anxiety about having a repair issue with your vehicle. No experience necessary! And no tools! You're not going to learn to be a certified technician; rather, I will teach you about your vehicle and the important parts of the vehicle that you need to keep an eye on. I will guide you to where you can get the information about your vehicle that you are going to need to know and the manufacturer wants you to have. No Internet or cell phone necessary. We are going to look at ways to understand the issue with your vehicle and then clearly communicate that information to the repair shop. We will take it slow and cover all the basics. As we move forward, I'll add a layer of relevant information, adding in some cases to what you have already learned. We will avoid information overload or paralysis from analysis. Knowledge is king. Gone are the days of “I only put gas in it.” From reading and referring to this book, you are going to understand and be able to take control of your vehicle's wellness and repair. Congratulations!

--Carl J. Monteleone

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