As My Daddy Does

SummaryI give my mom a kiss and say, “I'll be back soon,” just as my daddy does.I work on my jeep by checking the engine and changing the tires, just as my daddy doesI play with my dog by throwing a big stick for her to fetch, just as my daddy does.I give my family hugs and kisses and say “I love you” and “good night,” just as my daddy does.”Enjoy the experience of going through an entire day, from start to finish, in the mind of a young boy who has a heart to be just like his daddy. Celebrating the transition of a toddler into an independent “big boy” as he mimics all he witnesses his daddy doing and being able to do it all by himself. From working hard on all his toys; to being sweet, polite, and respectful to his mommy; to enjoying his playtime with his dog and four-wheeler; and to his bedtime routine—all impacted by his father's example. The bond between a father and his son is a heartwarming relationship to witness and to see the genuine admiration of the man he will grow up to be like.

--Hannah Fallon

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