As He Said

Paul and Mary Watson have lived a peaceful life together in their town of Kingstown. Paul has preached at a local evangelical church for the past twenty years. Mary has been an able helpmeet at his side. Together they have raised a family and are comfortable in their life as the head of their family.

Adam is a young single male who has attended the same church. He has listened to Paul's sermons his entire life. Adam has been a member of the church for his entire childhood. Of late however, Adam has new questions. Those questions are not being answered to Adam's satisfaction by Brother Paul.

Gavin is a local teenager who identifies as a Christian and who participates in the local high school Bible club. He has a younger sister who is a cheerleader in that school. They both were born and raised in this same community. Their parents both have successful careers and are leaders in the community.

What happens in a community of friends and neighbors when new rules are introduced? What effect do these new rules have on faith and fellowship? How can the acts of outside hostile forces affect a community and its people? And can these forces successfully change long-held beliefs and practices? Can beliefs and practices that have been held for over two thousand years be erased and new rules written?

--Julia Haynes

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