Armed With God's Power

Armed with God's Power is a true story of a journey from normalcy to catastrophe and redemption. Nora's life was like any other until it took a turn for the worst. After a rough divorce and working numerous jobs to take care of her children, she began to break emotionally and physically. When she couldn't take life anymore, she cried out to God, “I can't do this anymore, I'm exhausted. If You don't help me, I'm going to take my life.” But something miraculous happened! She had what she calls an encounter with God that changed her life forever.

Author Nora White is a former host on WHKW 1220 AM in Cleveland Ohio and she has also worked for some of the top telecommunication companies marketing departments in the US. She is an artist who constantly finds new ways to use her talent. Nora loves to work with the elderly teaching them how to create their own art masterpieces. She loves working with seniors because she knows that art is therapeutic, and it gives them purpose. She has been active at her church for years teaching Bible Studies for women. Nora has volunteered for WCRF Moody Radio locally, the Domestic Violence Center, and the City Mission in Cleveland. She also has a podcast that teaches biblical truth for life called Hearts for Heaven at

--Nora White

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