Angelique’s Meadow

Kristen Glenn had put eighteen months of her life into her relationship with Andre, and he walked

away. Her greatest desire in life was to marry and have a family, but at age thirty, she wasn't sure it

would ever happen. She came to Switzerland for the summer to regain a sense of balance and to realize

her lifelong dream to hike the Alps. During her first hike, she veered off the marked path and found

an old cemetery with just three headstones. A father, mother, and an eleven-year-old child named

Angèlique. All three died during World War II—the parents a year before the child. What happened

to Angèlique and why did she die so young? In the journey to solve the mystery, she met a man who

became an essential part of the puzzle and had a life-changing effect upon her. She met a pastor, who

had held a dark secret for decades, at a small church in the village. Why wouldn't the old woman at

the historical library in the village give her any information? Kristen experienced an event that few

humans would ever experience, which led her to answers.

--Barbara Wirthlin

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