And The WORD Spoke Back To My Heart: Personal Vignettes From Selected Scriptures

Why was Mary found highly favored by God and chosen to bear God's only begotten son? Why was Jesus pierced in his side after death when crucified on the cross? Why was Jesus called the last Adam?

Each chapter focuses on a question I found myself asking as I delved into reading a single scripture or passage. Each query began to lead me on a fascinating journey to discover the answers to the “whys?” for which my mind and heart sought. I discovered the Bible was alive with the answers, and the WORD began to speak back to my heart.

A fascinating journey of discovery is available to ALL who desire to know. God is a “God of details” and I have learned that He loves to share His heart. May this book encourage and inspire others to begin their own personal discovery of knowing in whom they believe. All He needs is a willing vessel.

--Yvonne J. Miller

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