All of a Sudden! Children's Books: Crabadabica Book One

Crabadabica is a story about twelve-year-old boy and girl twins who have many secret fantasy adventures. They are very close to their dad who is always doing things with them, such as bike riding, skiing, and traveling. In each story, there is a secret adventure in addition to the adventure they are on with their dad. When the words “All of a sudden” are read, reality transitions to fantasy. There is also a life lesson in each secret adventure.

Their dad is left in the dark as to what these fantasy adventure are about but always wonders, when they disappear, what they are up to. They always tell their dad that he would not believe it if they told him. Maybe someday, his curiosity will motivate them to make him part of one adventure or they will just tell him about one.

--SR Bohannon

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