Adventures on Morris Street

Adventures on Morris Street tells stories occurring in the author's childhood from birth in her parents' home to when the family moved to a larger home in the country. The stories are told in a satirical manner to bring fun to the people and characters in her stories. Her grandmother had a grocery store on Morris Street, and the author acquired her basic people skills working with her.

The adventures occur in a time frame when there were no frills in the lives of the people in the stories. They used an icebox in lieu of a refrigerator, no indoor plumbing (they used an outhouse in the backyard), no dishwashers (just kids scrubbing them in the kitchen sink), no automatic washing machines (just an old wringer washer with rinse tubs alongside), no television, no radios (except for the one in her grandma's grocery store), and no carpets on the floors, no air-conditioning (also no evaporative coolers either), and no vehicle to ride in (just the two feet attached to their legs got them where they needed to go).

The children had to rely on their own imaginations for entertainment and fun. Mesa, Arizona, is very hot in the summertime, so everyone has to figure out how to stay cool when there were not any inventions to help cool off. The children have great fun in creating activities to have fun and stay cool doing it.

The stories show how people had more opportunity to learn and grow by using their own brain power instead of what is provided by everybody else in our world today. You had to use your mind in the 1940s!

--Annie Marie Davich

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