Acts: How the Church thrived in a world opposed to Christianity

The book of Acts depicts the exponential growth of the first church despite being the victim of incessant physical attacks, intimidation, incarceration, and persecution by hate-filled, jealous leaders of Judaism and paganism. The persecution in the book of Acts was much worse than believers have experienced in the United States and many other places. Therefore, pastors and church leaders today should be encouraged that the same growth can be experienced again despite increased hostility toward Christianity.

This book goes through all twenty-eight chapters of the book of Acts, pointing out the many troubles and the subsequent triumphs of the church in each situation. It highlights how the church thrived in a society hostile toward Christianity.

This book is meant to be a source of encouragement and enlightenment for church leaders and pastors who are concerned, discouraged, and perhaps depressed about declining church attendance and the growing hostility and indifference toward Christianity. It reminds them that the first church suffered much more and yet continued to spread and grow. It was difficult but with God all things are possible.

--Gregory Moore

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