Active Shooters in Houses of Worship : Don't Bring A Secular Response to Spiritual Combat

This book is written by experienced staff at the G-Square International Training Academy in an effort to address the growing presence of active shooters in houses of worship. The content is intended to offer options and thoughtful guidance to the well over fifty thousand houses of worship of all denominations, beliefs, and sects that exist in the United States. It is also our belief that the content has a global value in addressing this menace.

It is our fervent prayer that this publication will bring insight to leadership, members, and visitors who may be entrapped in an active shooter or other life-threatening situation while attending services or other activities in houses of worship.

We hope to achieve this by discussing current best practices being developed to combat the active-shooter phenomenon, as well as presenting the best course of action to take when first responders and additional support arrive.

This publication is not intended to be an exhaustive accounting of all available options. It is G-Square's God-inspired effort to present the reader with possibilities that can contribute to survival in the demon-inspired actions of an active shooter and other life-threatening events.

--Vinny Green

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