A Year in The Life of a Soldier's Wife

How much recognition do we give to a soldier's family? Can we truly know what to expect or be fully prepared to embrace reality with its uncertainties? It's more than business as usual; much is involved when one person is left with it all.

There's a way that seems too difficult for a natural carnal mind to travel. Bombarded with unanswered questions and concerns, no one can make sense of. It's a chapter in one's life that shines bright, not from the amount of faith we have but from the grace we're given to live the life of a soldier's wife.

Through trials and tribulations, it's proven that a family can subdue anything with God. Not only has this wife proven to be an overcomer amidst the storm, but also her family and friends learned a very valuable life lesson as well: stand firm, stand tall, or allow weakness to cradle your fall.

This book will give you an inside look at a different kind of war—the battlefield in the comforts of home

--Jennifer Dobos

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