A Strange Chat at the Fruit Stand

Alexis's day began with the sun shining bright, a gentle warm breeze blowing on her face as she glanced out the window. It was the making of a beautiful day. Little did she know it would be the start of a new way of life for her. It all began with an unscheduled trip to the local produce stand. She had not planned the trip to the produce stand. It was just the excitement and good feeling of this beautiful day that led her to this place on this day. Or was it?

God has a way of prompting and leading us to his plan. Oftentimes, we believe it's just a coincidence that events occur in our lives, but maybe it is designed that way so that God can get our attention, so that he can pour into us what we need at that time. Could it have been that God designed this beautiful day to prompt her to go to the place of her blessing?

In our lives, we must see God's hand at work in every part of our journey. In our home, our church, our job, and even at our local produce stand, we have to be aware that God is always watching. And you never know, this could be the day that Christ wants to have a little chat with you.

--Lesha Greenlea

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