A Place to Rest: The First Advent of Jesus the Christ, Our Eternal Hope

A Place to Rest: The first Advent of Jesus Christ as Our Eternal Hope retells a story that never grows old, faint, or weary in the reading. The story is uniquely told through a journeyman who gives a firsthand poetic verse by verse account of what he sees and hears as the birth occasion unfolds.

A Place to Rest is a reflection story of a pilgrim who was in Bethlehem at the time of Christ's birth. He has difficulty finding a place to rest because of the crowd. While searching for a place, he is attracted to a young couple who is also looking for a resting place; he meets shepherds following a bright star. He settles next to the stable where the young couple, Mary and Joseph, also settled. He sees the same shepherds making their way to the stable that ends up being the birth scene they searched for. He overhears a conversation between the couple, and he hears a baby's cry; in his curiosity, he moves in to witness the baby in the manger. The whole experience appears to him to be unbelievable and yet preordained. He learned that the birth was actually a miraculous act of God, who sent His Son to be born as a human baby in a compassionate effort to be in communion with humanity whom He loves. Beautiful pictures and a biblical verse accompany each poetic verse.

Life is filled with relentless movement and countless activity.

Even when we attempt to quiet ourselves, unwelcomed noises arise in our minds.

Whether young or old, common or professional, rich or poor, the pattern of constantly seeking a perfect place of peace seems inevitable.

A Place to Rest was written as a reminder to all ages that the perfect place we seek came to Earth on a Christmas morning in Bethlehem. God's Son Jesus Christ came to earth as a human being to become for us the rest that we so desire.

Living in our hearts, He can tune out the noises of the world so that we can experience a peace, a quiet that surpasses all understanding.

Follow the poetic verse by verse account of the first advent of Jesus Christ.

--Margaret Allen

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