A Night Out with Yahweh: The Intimate Inspiration of God

Someone may be eager to get a better understanding of God; this book will help you along the way. You would think that a “night out with Yahweh” would be all about good. That is not the fact. Although we know all things work together for the good of those who love him, there are some trials and tribulations that we must go through to develop in the different stages until we reach all that good. We will discuss in this book the three stages of maturing in Christ:

1. Baby stage

2. Young-adult stage

3. Adult stage

God's promises are true, but as you read this book, you will understand things you might not have understood or heard before. We must accomplish tremendous oppositions along the way to our growth and development in becoming God's disciple, servant, teacher, and friend.

--Dr. Wanda Ann Rogers

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