A Father's Love: Faith and Family

Travis lives isolated in the Allegheny Mountains in the mid-1800s. He loves God, loves his family, and is well respected by all on the mountain. But one decision—for the right reason—causes his unintentional entry into the Civil War. While he fights to survive in a hostile environment, his family has a fight of their own. Travis returns home to find most of his family gone.Now he must find a way to help his injured daughter. He has no one to turn to and nowhere to go, except to God. So Travis and Sarah leave the mountain and set out to find a new life.Travis is befriended by a United States Federal Marshal, and they form a lifelong friendship when the marshal hires Travis as his deputy. Now Travis can once again put down roots. He finds a new love and a new family. But life isn't easy. Travis must again fight to protect his family and to survive in the rough cattle country of the Midwest. Relying on God to guide him, he presses on through range wars, outlaws, gunfights, injuries, and Indians while loving his family and building a legacy of faith and forgiveness for his children.

--Jean DeFreese Moore

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