A Daily Walk with God: A 365-Day Devotional for Teachers

The work of our teachers has often paralleled the history of our nation. Our teachers have helped our country meet its historical challenges and respond to the needs and crises of American society. What other profession can say they have done so much for so many? Teachers have a historic legacy to carry on, and the sacred responsibility to carry it into the future. Our schools have the burden of ensuring the success of every child, and the honor of carrying that burden. The success of our teachers, and our nation's well-being are intimately bound together.

Teachers have demonstrated throughout our nation's history, that they will respond to every challenge to insure our American way of life. Our teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators have carried this burden necessary to secure the blessings of liberty for all American citizens. This devotional is written to encourage our teachers who continue to carry this legacy, and sacred responsibility, into the future.

--Richard P. Holland

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