A Crown On Her Head

“One for all and all for one” rings most supreme and true in the family.

“Who cares about clean stairs? No one ever looks at them?” This was the attitude of Isabel. So she ran out to play without doing her little chore.

The family was embarrassed when an unexpected visitor, her mother's esteemed friend—an invalid—was coughing and sneezing when she went up their dirty stairs. “Aih, aih! Ouch! Oih!” she went, as she also had to climb the stairs on her hands and knees.

Scared and sorry, Isabel feigned sickness and went to bed early. With a gentle but firm reprimand from Mother and Father, Isabel understood the importance of her work and her place in the family. She began to do her chores promptly and to the best of her abilities, which earned her praises. She then felt beautiful from the inside, and she now saw her parents as a royal couple and herself, as a princess with a crown on her head.

--Irma Silva-Barbeau, OCDS, PhD.

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