A Commentary on the Revelation of John

We live in an extremely troubled world. We face epidemics, racism, violence, protests, and a lack of strong leadership in government. Crisis on a global level, natural disasters, and the ever-spreading criminal activity through the Internet have left us strained in our resources and vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.

More succinctly, the world has lost touch with Jehovah, the Creator of the universe and the only one who can bring about any positive global change. As mankind turns his back on his Creator, he becomes more carnal, more primal, and without restraint. He becomes disobedient to authority, unthankful for what he has and incapable of judging right from wrong. He challenges that which gives him the right to issue the challenge in the first place.

The fact that our world has lost all control should not be a shock to anyone. Jehovah laid out the chain of events that would lead to the depravity of man millennia ago. Mankind watches the downward spiral, and when there is no other alternative, they cry out to God, expecting that He will magically turn men's hearts back to Him.

Prophecy is seldom, God telling us what He is going to do. Most often it is God, through His foreknowledge, seeing what is to come and reporting it to us. The prophecy of God through John, Paul, Matthew, and the prophets of old is simply God showing us what is to come. He is relating, for our benefit, what is to come as the result of the failure of mankind.

The Revelation of John is a love letter from God to His people, in which He forewarns us of the unchangeable future so that we might prepare ourselves for the inevitability of its appearance.

In this book, the author has tried to “rightly divide” the truth of this prophecy in relation to the entirety of prophecy so that we might be able to see it unfolding before our eyes and awaken from our sleep to serve the living God.

--Reverend Randy Thames

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