43 Addresses: An Odyssey—Przemyśl to Oakville

These 478 pages take the reader through the many highs and lows of the author's chameleonic life. As he was adapting to constantly changing environments through six decades on three continents, the book progressively reflects his astute awareness and keen observation of the gross trends as well as the subtleties in the milieus in which the writer finds himself while pursuing a career in a number of technical fields. He sagaciously depicts them and the multitude of characters he encounters, with hardly a dull moment. His ability to recall so many details of his past and the perspicacity of his observations of people and places are truly remarkable, as is his ability to present them with skill interspersed with humor. In reviewing his nomadic past, he counted up forty-three locations which served as home during his life, leading to the title of this book.

--Andrew Walczak

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