1_3 John and Revelation; New Testament Commentary

Unlike any other commentary on the New Testament, Chris digs into ancient religious culture throughout the known world at the time John wrote his epistles and book on Revelation.

As the church started to accept and adopt false teaching in their day, they began to worship idols in place of God, like the Jews when they were sent to Babylon. Both Old and New Testament Jewish cultures adopted the same images from the surrounding nations and began to worship pagan gods. No matter Jew or Gentile, John's teachings were all understood.

In today's world though, it is different; many are not taught after the manner of ancient culture, and when one reads the Bible, either the Old and New Testaments that references any form of symbolism as figurative language, let alone Revelation, it is foreign, with descriptions of strange beasts, candlesticks, trumpets, vials of wrath, harps, etc., making no modern sense whatsoever. However, when looked upon with the view from ancient culture, religion, and myths about the heavens, one can better understand the context John taught to the early church.

The way mainstream interprets the scriptures today has brought about much confusion.

--Christopher Lambe

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