You Are Constantly Performing Sales

You Are Constantly Performing Sales because the outcome or action of every encounter between you and another person consciously or unconsciously involved a sale.

A sale is accomplished every time a person motivates another person to perform any type of action. You may be at a tremendous disadvantage if you do not understand motives, personalities, attitudes, and sales techniques.

The purpose of this book is to help you manage, guide, and influence the outcome of your situations, relationships, and the circumstances in your daily contacts with other people. You will be able to recognize and understand the sales techniques, attitudes, reasons, motives, and personality types of the people trying to get you to take action.

You may prevent termination of a relationship, employment, and improve your relationship with a partner or spouse with the knowledge of this book. You can avoid insults and misunderstanding, with friends, family, and fellow employees.

The initial reason for writing this book was to give family members, friends, and associates struggling with problems at work, divorce, friends, and family knowledge of motives, personalities, attitudes, and some techniques to possibly eliminate their conflicts.

--Gary R. Fesler

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