Yooper Bloopers

The following are only a few of the many adventures that have occurred as I either worked on my house, hiked, hunted, or fished in the wilderness along Lake Superior. I have tried to include many different animals and landscapes so you can get an idea of what you may run into if you spend too much time here. I found it as a great escape from the hassles of modern life and also some good adventures.

In greedy gut, I tried to show how caught up in the moment you can get, and the trouble that can follow if you push the limits of time and distance. It doesn't matter how many times you have covered it before. Weather conditions change a lot from summer to fall, and daylight time is vastly different also. Of course you usually have to learn the hard way.

At other times, I have tried to emphasize that we humans are just visitors in the critters domain and that we are nothing special in their limited space, as in porkies rule, the opportunist and the spooky woods.

I added a few stories of just trying to get by and how complicated it can become such as in the visitor who just dropped in and the siege.

I also added our three dogs and one cat that became part of our family. I tried to show how each one adapted to the wilderness and interacted with the wild animals all around them.

--Raymond Syers

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