Wow Mom : A Walk with God: Mom's Bible Study

WOW Mom A Walk with God: Mom's Bible Study is just for you. Becoming a godly mother is the most important journey you will ever take. Ellen Mongan has walked down the road of motherhood for over four decades. This journey birthed her ministry. She is a woman of wisdom, teaching the younger generation how to navigate their own unique path of motherhood.

She wrote this Bible study, WOW Mom, with wisdom from her experience in raising her family, a lot of wisdom from the Word of God, and backed each page with prayer. This study addresses every area of motherhood, from nurturing your newborn to training your toddler, to guiding your children on dating, to becoming a grandma.

A WOW Mom never takes the journey alone, so gather together with your favorite moms each week, and let Ellen's Bible study be your guide. As you pray, study the scriptures, and share your lives, the Holy Spirit will transform you. Becoming a WOW Mom takes time, effort, and openness to change. Take the time to do the journey to become a WOW Mom. Once you have finished the study, pass it on, or maybe host a study in your home. Will you ever be glad you did, Mom. WOW!

--Ellen Mongan

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