Words & Choices, These are the Issues of Life

Rex digs deep, beneath the surface of superficial understanding of our behavior to show how, VITALLY IMPORTANT, and POWERFUL, the 'words and choices' we use are throughout our lives.

Man is a free moral agent created by God to make these choices. GOD'S WORDS and His PROMISES guarantee BLESSINGS applied to our lives. Our words and choices, often idle, corrupt, and selfishly motivated, serves an idle, corrupt, world, void of Godly understanding.

Corruption breeds corruption... God's Holiness and God's Righteousness, given freely by Him to ALL believers, produces balance, and “good fruit” in our lives.

It's our choice, blessings, OR curses. These choices shape our thoughts, belief system, daily walk, our character, and, ultimately, our FINAL DESTINY...Heaven or hell!

--Rex Fritchey

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