WomanProphet: The Illumination of a Journey

Most women are raised in a context of feminine values, whether they are aware of those values or not. Some of the values specific to this feminine culture are interdependence, caring, and relationality. In our time, many women cross over into a masculine value culture when they take on what were traditional male roles in male-evolved institutions. Eventually, women become aware that their own values conflict with some assumed male values. They then have to compromise and adjust in order to be productive in those environments.

The women I have focused on in this study have, because of a significant external event or events and an emerging inner vision, left both structures. They then, however, lack others around them whose values structures can reinforce adherence. When these women are by themselves, they experience something like a dark night of the soul. Once they get beyond the pain and a sense of meaninglessness, they begin to realize that they can move the constructs of reality, that they can write history as well as read it. An essential concern is to deterĀ¬mine what their values are.

After this process, their own personal vision becomes clear. But the cycle isn't complete until they bring that new vision back to their people. And bringing it back in a holistic sense helps to raise the moral sights of others who are influenced by that experience.

--Dr. Elizabeth Love

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